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Pottery convention withdrawals

Every year, Katie (the owner) and a staff member venture out of Jacksonville to the annual CCSA convention. CCSA stands for Contemporary Ceramics Association and until last year, Katie sat as the vice president of their Board of Directors. We returned home last week from Charleston, where it was held this year, and we are so excited about adding new things to Doing Dishes. One of those new things.. a DD blog! If you can imagine, a pottery convention is like being with all your best friends, who totally get you and get what you do. There are vendors, suppliers, business classes, technique classes, other pottery studio owners, food, cocktails and so much fun. But once you get home, your head is spinning with all the classes you took and ideas your learned. To put it all in action is overwhelming to say the least! I love that I can check off the "start a blog" tab off my list. Here are some of the fun things we saw and did at convention this year.

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