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New Packages, New Pottery and  New Badges

We are excited to offer the new Girl Scout themed bisque shapes! These pieces are perfect for any level for any occasion. Select the package you would like and sign up your troop. We will call and confirm if you want them to choose from all of the options in the package, or if you would like a specific shape for all participating. 

Girl Scouts powers life-changing experiences for girls. As a previous troop leader, I am so excited about these new pieces and new badges for 2023.  We can easily tailor badge work to accompany pottery painting for any of these retired and new badges:

  • Daisy Art and Design (NEW)

  • Daisy Craft and Tinker (NEW)

  • Daisy Create and Innovate (NEW)

  • Daisy Petal earning

  • Brownie Art and Design (NEW)

  • Brownie Craft and Tinker (NEW)

  • Brownie Create and Innovate (NEW)

  • Brownie Making Friends

  • Brownie Potter

  • Junior Art and Design (NEW)

  • Junior Create and Innovate (NEW)

  • Junior Craft and Tinker (NEW)

  • Junior Jewelry Making


Pottery pieces are officially licensed by Girl Scouts of the USA, a nonprofit. TM & © Girl Scouts of the USA.


Don't see a badge you are interested in working on, give us a call and we can help you create the perfect pottery painting experience to accompany any level badge work.

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