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Upcoming hand & footprint events

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Clay Impression Hand and Foot Prints


Don't you just love those little fingers and toes?  Can't make one of our Perfect Prints events?Make an appointment to bring your children or pets in and we can capture their prints into clay so you can hold on to that moment forever. 

Different from painting a foot and putting it onto a plate, clay impressions are where we actually press the foot (or hand) into wet clay and then fire and paint the clay piece. 


In an effort to make sure you are receiving the best impressions, please reserve your time with one of our Clay Pros by requesting an appointment time below. Your pieces will be ready in approximately 3 weeks. 

Clay Plaques

We have a variety of shapes for each size plaque.

Shapes include, hearts, ovals, circles, squares and rectangles. 

$40 for a small plaque

$50 for a medium plaque

$60 for a large plaque


Clay Hand/Foot Cut-outs (Ornaments)

$25 per clay cut-out

Contact Us to schedule a private appointment.

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