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Here is what Doing Dishes Pottery Studio are doing to maintain safe practices:

    • Limit the amount of customers in our studios at one time through the implementation of an reservation system and staggered seating times.

      • Reservations are guaranteed seating.

      • Walk-ins are welcome (first in, first seated) providing there isn't a conflict with an upcoming reservation and we adhere to capacity limits.

      • Table time is 2 hours from being assigned a table.

    • Suspend our self serve paint bar to reduce contact.

    • Remove usual items from tables to prevent cross contamination.

    • Two-step cleaning and sanitation procedures for tables, chairs, door handles, restroom, brushes, palettes and other public areas.

    • Continue to support our Pottery To-Go program to reduce in-studio traffic.

    • Continue to offer curbside pickup of finished pieces, reducing in-studio traffic.

    • Sanitation station at customer check in with masks and hand sanitizer.


Face Mask Policy:

Update As of May 15th: We are a mask-friendly studio. We are not 100% mask free and we are going to continue to wear ours to protect our staff. Once you are seated, you are welcome to take it off.

July 2020: Facial masks are a requirement for creating in our studios. Please be aware there may be guests with masks that are not being used properly. If you are immune compromised, are high-risk or uncomfortable with this policy, please consider purchasing Pottery To-Go. We strive to strike a balance and wish for all our creators to feel comfortable to create and relax, whether it's in-studio or in-home painting.

Safe practices at birthday parties:

We are currently booking birthday parties. Times have changed and we are doing our best to keep up with the ever changing rules and restrictions. Safety is our number one concern and we want to make sure you have the best party possible. 

We are requiring everyone who enters to either wash their hands, or hand sanitize. We are sanitizing the tables, paint bottles, brushes and chairs between all customers in the entire studio. We have the main studio set up to allow for social distancing by limiting the tables we are using. However, the party room is set up a little differently with one large table. We will allow siblings to sit next to each other, but we can set up non-related children to sit with an empty chair in between if requested. As you know, with kids, social distancing is hard, especially when they are in groups. We are suggesting that everyone wash hands frequently, only use their supplies and keep their distances. We are asking that non-painters are kept to a minimum so that we can maintain our current capacity and social distancing limits. Let me know if you have any other questions or any suggestions.

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